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What we Offer

A Complete Solutions to the Electrical Industries under one roof.

Cables & Wires

We are suppliers of Copper wires, Aluminium wires, Fire Survival Cables, Instrumentation Cables, FR/FRLZ/FRZH Wires, Flexible Cables, Power Cables, HT Cables, Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Co-axial Cables and Solar AC/DC Cables.

Earthing Solutions & Accessories

We provide maintenance free Earthing Solution which is highly reliable approved & complied by all International Standards. Earthing solution includes grounding rods, ground enhancement material and its accessories.

Connecting Systems & Accessories

In addition to our range of cables and wires, we offer a wide range of cable accessories, which are needed for and during the installation of cables and wires.

Competitive Price Quick Delivery

Quantum Renewable Systems has exclusive tie ups with some of the leading manufacturers in India for export of their products.

We have customers in more than 10 countries with long and friendly relationship.