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Earthing Solutions

Earthing Materials.

Earthing plays a vital role in all electrical systems. The correctly designed & installed earthing system will prevent equipment and manpower accident. The well installed Earthing condition should have-Low electrical resistance to Earth, Free from corrosion, Efficient enough to handle high voltage repeatedly, long life up to 30 years.

Our Range of Earthing Materials-
1. Copper Bonded Earth Rods –Includes Accessories such as Driving stud, Clamps, Coupler,Rod
2. Copper Plate
3. Copper Bus Bars, Strips
4. Ground Enhancing Powder (Bentonite)
5. High grade HDP Earth Pit
6. Rod To Clamp(D-Type),DC Tape Clip, Square Clamp, Split Bolt Connectors, C-Type Connector